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We're Moving!

After 15 years on Manchester’s historic Hanover Street, we are excited to announce that we have found a new home in the historic Waumbec Mill on the Merrimack River, still right here in Manchester. In the past few years through COVID, our business changed as we pivoted to grow our online presence and reach you in fresh new ways. With this growth, we’ve found that our traditional retail space just is no longer the best fit for how we now do business. Our new location will give us the ability to not only continue to serve you locally, but also give us the space to grow our online footprint. We will have twice the room to be able to set up for our photography and live video needs, while also having an upscale showroom space with fitting rooms to style you in-store. We are excited to show you our new home, growing from slightly over 1200 sq ft to 3000 sq ft.


For the next few weeks, we’ll be continuing to serve you at our current location, while having a major moving sale! We’ll remain open with our regular business hours of Thursday to Saturday 10am-5pm and you’ll find great sales on clearance items, and also be able to browse our current seasonal collections. Once we are set-up in our new space, all current season shopping will move to pre-scheduled appointments at our new location, while we continue our blow out moving sale at Hanover Street. We expect the closing of our current Hanover Street location to be on June 30th.

What to expect

At our new location, you’ll enjoy an upscale atmosphere with multiple fitting rooms and a relaxation area, where we’re able to treat you with refreshments. You’ll be able to browse samples of our current collections and we’ll help you with your sizing by pulling the items from our warehouse storage. Please keep in mind that this may add a short amount of extra time to allot for in your shopping appointment. We’ll be able to serve you just as well as always, just in a different way.

  • Parking:

    You’ll find visitor parking at our new location clearly marked both along the eastern side of the building, as well as a few spaces out back on the riverside. If no visitor spaces are available, you’ll find close on-street parking. We feel you’ll not have to walk any farther than you typically would at our current location. Availability tends to vary at different times of the day.
  • Appointments:

    Appointments will be needed at our new location and you’ll be able to schedule your in-store appointments at least 3 days in advance via an online scheduling platform found on our website. If you’re looking for particular items that you’ve seen in our videos or on our website, you can either screenshot an open cart and email to us or mark them as favorites in your app account, so we can get these ready ahead of your visit.

How to stay in touch

We’ll be sure to keep our website updated with important information during our move. We recommend book marking our website,, for updates during this time. You’ll also be seeing us a lot more with regular live sales and social media postings.

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